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We’re about more than just fancy rooster and mountain gear. Our apparel embodies the mountain spirit and carries the soul of our city in every thread.

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves...

Our inaugural brand, Roosters of Blue Ridge, took flight from a simple gathering of locals and business owners sharing tales and admiration for our beloved little mountain town of Blue Ridge, GA. It dawned on us that the true spirit of our town might just be epitomized by none other than the humble rooster!

For decades, these feathered celebrities have strutted the streets of downtown Blue Ridge, unofficially earning the title of our town's mascots. They've captured the hearts of both locals and curious visitors alike.

The soaring popularity of our feathered friends inspired not only dedicated social media channels but also a range of rooster-themed apparel.

Fueled by this affection for our rooster brand, we launched a sister company, Mountain City Apparel. With a mission to encapsulate the essence of mountain living – where adventure and serenity intertwine – Mountain City Apparel was born.

Our brand isn't just "mountain inspired" like many others out there; it's owned by the very souls who work, live, and play in Blue Ridge, GA – which we've dubbed "The Mountain City."

Why "The Mountain City?" Well, of all the cities dotting the North Georgia Mountains, Blue Ridge stands tall as THE place to be.

Over the years, Blue Ridge has earned a variety of nicknames, but none seem as fitting as "THE Mountain City." So, help support the brand that embodies the mountain spirit and carries the soul of our city in every thread.... and is made for folks just like YOU!


With each and every purchase, a portion of proceeds from merchandise sold is donated to the caretakers of the roosters and/or to other various non-profit organizations in Blue Ridge.


Although we're primary an online brand, select products can also be found locally in stores such as Blue Ridge Jerky and Mountain Mama's Coffee Lounge in Downtown Blue Ridge. We also offer the option to order online and pickup locally.


The goal of our brands is to celebrate the quirkiness of our little town and the charm of mountain city living, where the roosters crow and the mountains echo back. Our apparel embodies the mountain spirit and carries the soul of our city in every thread.


Wondering who helped create these quirky brands? You can thank our friends at Blu Mountain Expressions, LLC.

Check out all of our awesome Roosters of Blue Ridge and Mountain City Apparel merch.

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